Powerfully Simple Internet Sharing Features:

New Features In i.Share 3.5

Support For TCP/IP
i.Share 3.5 now includes support for TCP/IP, so customers can
run i.Share across networks using Microsoft NetBEUI, Artisoft NetBIOS, Novell
IPX/SPX or TCP/IP protocols.

New Enterprise License
i.Share 3.5 Enterprise is an unlimited license version that allows larger companies
to share their network connections and ISP accounts among as many as 256
simultaneous connections, depending upon the connection type.

Server-side Caching
Server-side URL caching speeds office-wide Internet sharing by off-loading client
requests for frequently-accessed Web pages to the i.Share server. By storing Web
content on your i.Share server, everyone in your office can view
frequently-accessed Web content without connecting to the Internet. This not only
frees up your Internet connection--it also takes the burden of storing Web pages on
individual client PCs.

Enhanced Application And Network Resource Management
For customers that wish to configure i.Share to work with specific network
resources and/or other Winsock applications, i.Share 3.5 offers enhanced network
resource and application management tools. These easy-to-use management
features ensure that end users select the correct network adapter when connecting
to the Internet, while preventing any conflicts between i.Share and other Winsock

Runs As A Service On Windows NT Or Windows 2000
Compatible with Windows NT Service Pack 4 and Windows 2000 Beta 3, i.Share
3.5 runs as a service, making i.Share's Internet sharing features completely
transparent to the user. Just launch your Web browser or e-mail client and go to


Works With Microsoft, Novell And Artisoft

Internet Access Server Requirements

Windows PC (66MHz 486 processor or higher)

Windows NT 4.0, with Service Pack 3 or higher (SP3included on CD); or
Windows 95/98/2000 (can be non-dedicated)

7MB free hard disk space

Analog, cable or ISDN modem (with Microsoft dial-up networking), or
direct connection

Internet Access (i.e. Internet service provider account)

Internet Access Client Requirements

Windows PC (66MHz 486 processor or higher)

Windows NT 3.51 (running Microsoft NetBEUI), Windows

NT 4.0,Windows 3.1x/95/98/2000; Novell NetWare (IPX/SPX); or Artisoft
LANtastic (NetBIOS) networks 8MB RAM (16MB Recommended)

7MB free hard disk space

Winsock 1.1- or Winsock 2- compliant 16- or 32-bit Internet application

Analog dial-up through a standard modem, ISDN digital dial-up, or direct
connection through an ISDN adapter, xDSL connection, cable modem or
network router