Artisoft Announces XtraMai Internet/Intranet E-mail Software

First Affordable E-mail Solution for Small and Growing Businesses

(TUCSON, AZ - November 11, 1996) - Artisoft, Inc. (Nasdaq: ASFT) announced today XtraMail v1.0 software, a full-featured, easy-to-use e-mail client and server solution that enables users to communicate across the office or around the world via the Internet. XtraMail is part of Artisoft's new series of Internet solutions priced and designed for small businesses and branch offices, with robust and scalable features to meet the demands of a growing business. It uses open Internet standards such as SMTP, POP3 and DNS, allowing it to work with popular browsers and e-mail client software, such as QUALCOMM's Eudora Light software which is included in XtraMail. The software runs on Windows® 95 or NT servers and Artisoft®, Microsoft® and Novell® networks running TCP/IP. XtraMail v1.0 is expected to ship for $299 MSRP (Windows 95 version) and $449 MSRP (Windows NT version) on Dec. 6, 1996.

According to IDC/LINK research, e-mail represents 33% of all applications used by U.S. small businesses over local area networks. This research also forecasts revenue for e-mail services growing at 31.4% CAGR from 1996 through 2000.

"An increasing number of small businesses are realizing what larger corporations have known for some time - e-mail is a powerful communications tool that can revolutionize the way they do business," said Olivier Zitoun, Artisoft's senior vice president and general manager of the networking product group. "With XtraMail, Artisoft is re-defining e-mail for small business by providing the next generation of solutions - truly affordable Intranet and Internet messaging that is built on open standards."

"XtraMail's capabilities make it more than just a mail service," said Werner Gertje, vice president of technical services at LANPRO Business Solutions, Inc. in Natick, Massachusetts. "It's a terrific way for a business to look bigger than it is, with Internet domain support as well as distribution of electronic newsletters and bulletins to customers on self-subscribing lists. With XtraMail, a business can use the Internet's worldwide reach to effortlessly stay in touch with clients anywhere."


Complete Solution - XtraMail provides a complete client and server solution for sending and receiving e-mail internally on a LAN or for transparently and automatically passing e-mail to and from the Internet - all in one system. Because it uses open Internet standards, it interoperates with popular browsers and e-mail client software.

When used in a wide area network, XtraMail can easily and seamlessly extend a company's internal e-mail system to branch offices and to outside businesses on the Internet. The combined features of XtraMail rival those of more expensive, complex proprietary messaging systems, yet it is user-friendly.

Full-Featured - XtraMail includes several features that help businesses look bigger, run faster and operate smarter. The software supports Internet domain names, allowing a small business to amplify its company image. It also manages those domain names so that Internet e-mail is distributed to individual, local mailboxes quickly and automatically.

For added convenience, an auto-response feature can automatically answer incoming e-mail with a pre-written response when a user is out of the office. XtraMail also includes mailing-list and self-subscribing listserver features, which enable a business to easily extend marketing and sales efforts. Robust - Businesses using XtraMail will have multiple options for managing mail flow using mail routing and status route features in a WAN environment to expand an Intranet e-mail system to multiple servers and multiple locations. With XtraMail, system administrators can also manage user accounts, Internet connection parameters and other functions with a high-performance 32-bit Windows control panel.

The Windows NT version of XtraMail is Symmetric Multiprocessor (SMP) enabled and can be configured to use the NT security system for user names and passwords. In addition, the NT version uses an automatic server setup feature, providing a unified and easy-to-use installation from a master menu. The software achieves high performance running multiple threads on multi-processor NT servers.

Scalable - XtraMail grows with a business, as it is scalable to handle hundreds of e-mail clients.

Easy to Use - XtraMail uses a streamlined installation and provides a user-friendly interface for setup and administration. It also enables hassle-free connections from the server (with a dial-up adapter) to the Internet Service Provider.

Remote Access - With a remote access server, remote or mobile end users can also access, send and receive e-mail from the XtraMail server from an analog dial-up connection anywhere in the world.

Easy Administration - XtraMail offers easy administration through remote configuration and event logging features. With remote configuration, servers can be managed across a network from any Windows NT or 95 workstation, locally or remotely. With event logging, system administrators can also track server events and monitor activity.


The XtraMail software is expected to ship December 6, 1996 in a Windows 95 version for $299 MSRP and a Windows NT version for $449 MSRP. XtraMail will be sold worldwide with a QUALCOMM coupon allowing users to upgrade from Eudora Light e-mail client software - included in XtraMail - to Eudora Pro at an attractive discount.

A free, fully functional trial version of the software is expected to be downloadable starting December 6, 1996 from the World Wide Web at The trial software will be full-featured with time limitations.


Artisoft leads the industry in providing easy-to-use, affordable networking, communications, computer telephony and Internet solutions for small and growing business. Chosen by nearly five million users worldwide to connect and share computer resources, Artisoft solutions include the award-winning LANtastic® family of networking products, and its family of remote communication products, including INSYNC® CoSession Remote and ModemShare. Dedicated to the development of easy-to-use tools and applications for Windows telephony, Artisoft's computer telephony solutions include Visual Voice®, Visual Fax®, and the recently announced InfoFast. The company maintains nine offices outside the United States, and distributes its products in more than 100 countries.