ModemShare Millennium
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A Complete Modem Pooling Server Solution For The Entire Office

ModemShare Millennium is a complete software solution that can create a modem pool that allows outbound dialers and remote users the ability to share the same modems. ModemShare Millennium can share from two to eight ports with the entire office, assign modem pools to users or groups of users, and is fully Microsoft RAS compatible. ModemShare supports Windows 3.1x, Windows 95/98 and Windows NT/2000. ModemShare enables you to pool resources, increase productivity and save money.

ModemShare finds an available modem on your network, and will automatically connect and disconnect as users open and close ports in an application. ModemShare conserves resources on your network by disconnecting users from unused ports after a definable time-out period.

ModemShare allows you to manage your server from any 95/98 NT/2000 PC on the network. Your administrator can manage pools of COM ports and display status information, which includes port status, path and connection errors at his or her convenience.

ModemShare Millennium Allows Administrators And Users To:

Control on-line communication costs

Improve utilization of current hardware

Reduce the cost of installing and maintaining multiple dedicated telephone lines

Reduce the need for additional hardware


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